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Linking Adwin to Your Google Ads Account
Linking Adwin to Your Google Ads Account

Here is how to link your Google ads account to Adwin

Updated over a week ago

Linking Adwin to your Google ads account is dependent on if you already have a Google ads account or if you do not have a Google ads account.

I have a Google ads account

Simply sign into your Google ads account and select the ad account you want to link with Adwin. Adwin will make a new campaign in this Google ads account which will not interfere at all with any of your existing Google ads campaigns.

Note: make sure you have a proper billing method attached to your Google Ads account! Google will charge that method for the ads you run.

I do not have a Google ads account

Follow these steps to create a Google ads account! After, go back to Adwin and refresh the list of accounts to connect your newly made account, it should show up within several minutes.

  1. Go to and click Start Now.

  2. Log in to the Google account you signed in with Adwin.

  3. When prompted, click + New Google Ads Account.

  4. At the bottom of the callout, click: Not ready to create a campaign? Skip campaign creation.

  5. Confirm your Billing Country, Time Zone, and Currency. Then click Submit.

  6. Fill out your Payments profile and attach a working payment method. This will be the payment method Google charges for the ads themselves.

  7. Congrats! You did it. Click Explore your account.

  8. Now go back to Adwin and refresh the list of accounts. Your new account should appear in the list after several minutes.

Note: It may take Google some time to load in the new account. Your account will not appear in Adwin's list if Google is still setting up the account. To check this, in Google Ads click on your profile in the top right corner and see if it says "Setup in progress" next to your account.


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