System Requirements

Requirements for your business and website for Seona to work for you

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Seona works with almost all websites, but here is a detailed breakdown on what Seona requires to work for you.

Preferred website providers

Seona has direct integrations with our preferred website providers:

  • Wordpress*

  • Wix

  • Squarespace

  • Shopify

For these website providers, Seona has the ability to apply code changes and post blogs automatically to your site.


In order for Seona to work with your Wordpress site, you will need to install the StyleAI Wordpress plugin. This means if your site is hosted on, you will need at minimum a Business plan in order to install plugins.

Other website providers

For non-preferred website providers, Seona will still write quality blogs for your website, but you will have to manually transfer them onto your website.

Code changes work well for statically generated websites (vast majority of website providers), but can be finicky with custom built sites (i.e. Nuxt.js). As a result, some or all code changes may not be automatically applied to your site. This will not break your website's functionality, it will just affect Seona's ability to automatically apply the code changes.

Note: You can check if code changes are properly being applied to your site here.

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