Setting up Seona

A few quick steps to get Seona setup after purchasing!

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After beginning your new Seona subscription, there are 2 easy steps to getting started:

Selecting Your Website Provider

The first step in setting up Seona is picking the website provider your website is built on. Seona will automatically detect the website provider of your URL and pre-select it’s choice, but it may not be perfect. If you believe your website is built on a different website provider, you can change your selection here. If your website is built (or coded) from scratch, select “Other Provider”.

Preferred Website Providers

For the following website providers, Seona offers automatic blog posting to your website!

  • Wordpress

  • Shopify

  • Wix

  • SquareSpace

For other website providers, Seona will still write high quality, SEO-optimized blog posts for your business, which you can transfer to your site.

Read more about which sites Seona is compatible here.

Linking Your Site to Seona

Linking depends on your website provider. Select the correct linking instructions below:

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