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Common questions about Seona!

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When can I expect to see results from Seona? What kind of results should I expect?

SEO takes time to show results. However, Seona gets to work fast and efficiently. You should start to see your rankings rise slowly over a few months, and an uptick in traffic over that timeline as well. To learn more about improving SEO, read our SEO Basics guide. If you are looking for immediate increases in traffic, running paid ads is a potential way to go. Check out our tool Adwin!

Will my site be punished on search engines such as Google for having AI written content?

It will not. Search engines reward high-quality and relevant content which is what Seona is trained to write. Your site will not be punished for Seona's content, in fact, Seona will write content that Google rewards.

Can I change the URL or email address I have for my Seona site?

You can! Just reach out to a member of our team and they will handle that for you.

Can I have more than one website using Seona?

You sure can! To add a site, click the URL in the top right corner and select “Add website”.

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