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Adwin Pricing and Billing
Adwin Pricing and Billing

Adwin Billing Details

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How Does Adwin Charge?

  • Adwin charges 10% of your ad spend, billed separately from your Google ads bill. This means that if we can improve your ads by 10% or save you 10% in time, we've done our job! Our goal is to make your ads perform so well that you increase your budget over time, aligning our success with yours.

  • Adwin only charges 10% of what actually gets spent. For example, if your budget is $20/day but you only end up spending $10/day, you will only be billed by Adwin for $1/day. Adwin charges weekly based on your ad spend that week.

  • Invoice and Balance Information: You can view your previous invoices, current Adwin balance, next payment date, and payment method in the settings tab located at the bottom left corner of your Adwin dashboard.

Why is There a $50 Hold on My Card Before My Ads Start?

The $50 hold is a security measure to ensure that you are a real person with a valid payment method. Since we invest in getting your ads up and running before charging you, this hold guarantees the authenticity of your account. The hold will be dropped in 7 days.

How Do I Change My Billing Information?

You can change your billing information at any time on your Settings page.

How Do I Pause My Campaign or Cancel My Adwin Subscription?

You can change your billing information at any time on your Settings page.

What Payment Providers Do You Accept?

Adwin supports all major credit and debit cards, including:

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • American Express (Amex)

  • Discover

We also support payments via Cash App and US bank providers.

For any additional questions or support, feel free to contact our customer service team. We are here to ensure your experience with Adwin is seamless and successful.

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