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Location Targeting

How to Target Your Adwin Ads

Updated over a week ago

Location targeting helps determine where your ads are shown geographically, ensuring that your ads reach the right audience in the right places. Adwin provides two main ways to choose your location:

Advertise Near an Address

This option is perfect for businesses with a physical location that can only serve customers near a particular area. For example, if you own a local restaurant or retail store, you can target ads to potential customers within a specific radius around your address.

  • Note: This option is only available for businesses located in the United States. If your business is situated outside the U.S., consider using the "Advertise in specific locations" option.

Advertise in Specific Locations

This option is ideal for businesses that serve particular geographical regions. Whether your business operates on a city, state, national, or international level, you can specify the exact locations you want to target.

  • Enter Cities, States, Countries: You can target ads to cities, states, countries, or any other geographical region around the world. This flexibility allows you to reach potential customers in the areas most relevant to your business.

Important Considerations

  • Choosing Location Size: If you choose too small a location, Adwin may not be able to spend your entire budget due to the limited number of people in that area looking up your keywords.

    • Make sure to choose a location large enough to have a good number of potential customers.

    • When in doubt, lean towards making your location a bit larger to ensure sufficient ad reach and budget utilization.

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