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Here is how Adwin Tracks Conversions

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Conversion tracking is crucial for measuring the success of your ads. It tells you exactly how many people have clicked on an Adwin-created ad and completed valuable actions on your site, such as purchases, sign-ups, or other significant interactions.

Simplified Tracking with Adwin

Normally, tracking these metrics requires installing custom code on your site, but Adwin’s AI handles all of this for you!

Conversion Events

  • Automatic Setup: Within 24-48 hours after installing the Adwin Pixel on your site, our AI will have chosen conversion events for your business. These events are associated with buttons on your website that, when clicked by users who arrived via an Adwin ad, count as conversions on your dashboard. For example, if you have a conversion event linked to a phone number button, any user who clicks on your ad and then calls your business will be counted as a conversion.

  • Support: If no conversion events are loading within 48 hours after installing your Adwin Pixel, please contact our support team.

The Adwin Conversions Editor

  • Accessing the Editor: By clicking “Open Editor,” you will be taken to your site with the Adwin conversion editor pop-up. Here, you can see which buttons are counted as conversion events on each page and add or remove any buttons you want to count as conversions.

    • Caution: Only add or remove conversion events if you are highly adept at understanding conversion tracking. Our AI is highly effective, and altering conversion events can cause significant fluctuations in your ad results.

  • Adding a Conversion Event:

    1. Click “+ New event.”

    2. Select the button you want to track as a conversion (every user that comes in from your ads and clicks this button will be counted as a conversion).

    3. Click “Add event.”

  • Removing a Conversion Event: Click the “Delete” button next to the conversion event you want to remove.

  • Identifying Existing Events: If a button is highlighted in green and labeled “Added” when selecting a new event, it means that button is already being counted as a conversion event.

  • For more best practices around adding your own conversions events, check out our help video on it.

Conversions FAQs

  • Why has Adwin chosen conversion events that are “higher in the funnel” than what I would track (e.g., “Add to cart” or “Begin Purchase” rather than the actual purchase)?

    • Depending on your website’s structure, it might not be possible to track all user behaviors. Sometimes, tracking a completed purchase or form submission is not feasible due to third-party providers, different websites, etc. Adwin will automatically select the closest possible events to a purchase to provide the best understanding of your ad performance.

  • Why can't I select certain buttons to add as conversion events?

    • Similar to the previous question, it might not be possible to track all user behaviors due to the way your website is built. If a button does not appear as an option to select, it means it cannot be tracked.

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